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Yacht Deliveries

Only Professionals

Our delivery skippers are full-time professionals who have sailed many miles under many different conditions.

The skippers have minimum a level of RYA Professional Yachtmaster Instructor AND a STCW Master 200 gt qualification. Meaning our skippers can sail a yacht under any EU flag.

We train, coach and update our skippers on a regular base. Not only regarding maritime knowledge and skills but also regarding customer satisfaction and communication.

Our delivery skippers are multilingual and all had a career in a business environment.

Transparant Quotations

Before we make a quotation, we will ask you a lot of questions and we will ask for pictures of the yacht. Eventually a survey report when the yacht has just been bought from a previous owner.

We want to make the delivery passage as safe and efficient as possible. The more information we have, the more competitive our service will be.

Our skippers AND crew are paid compliant with international standards.
We do not offer crew members a "free ride" in return for a nice time and some miles building. (as offered by many yacht delivery companies)
We are professionals, not amateurs.

Your Ship is Our Ship

Many yachtsman would not mind to hand over their car keys to someone else to drive.
Handing over your yacht to somebody you do not know, is a different story. 

That is why we say: your ship is our ship. We will take care of your yacht just as it was our property. Most of our skippers are also yacht owners.
We talk your language!

Our skippers have a good technical knowledge and experience in handling systems on board of yachts. Reducing the need of external specialist when a problem occurs during the passage.

Boat Reception and Delivery

You just bought a new or used yacht and you wish to join the passage?

That is possible but only restricted to owners who have just got their yacht handed over by the yard or from the previous owner.

We will advice you during the reception of the yacht, test all equipment and make the ship ready for the passage.

We will teach you about the systems on board, how to handle the yacht and how to make a safe passage.

During the passage, you will be a crew member but we will teach you whatever is possible during the trip.

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