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Training & Coaching

On your own ship (Europe) or our 45' Sailing Yacht in Portugal
As well for Sailing Yachts, Catamarans and Motor Yachts

Family Training-Coaching

We have developed a specific program aimed at families with (young) children to sail as a family safely and in a relaxed manner.


The formula is in the form of a mix of sailing holidays and training. The children are fully involved

This formula is ideal for families who want to charter a sailing yacht independently in the next phase.

Training related to the purchase of a Yacht


Are you going to buy a larger ship or switch from sailing to motor or from mono-hull  to catamaran?

Then it is appropriate to follow a training in order to deal with your new ship with confidence and avoiding damage.

Of course we make a tailor-made program based on your wishes and expectations.

Partner Training - Coaching

Very frequently you see couples where the woman occupies a more passive role on board.


With this training we will train and coach the partner to be able to park a ship by herself, to perform a man-over-board procedure and to take part in the navigation.

The objective is to make boating and your journey safer and to sail with more confidence

Skipper Training - Coaching

This training has the objective for you to become a real and confident skipper.

Someone who radiates confidence to his/her crew and in order to take decisions and handle a yacht with proper knowledge and mastered skills.


This training is ideal for those who want to charter a yacht in the future.

For this skipper training, candidates need to have at least a qualification of Day Skipper or similar.

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