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Sailing Holidays for singles, couples, groups and Families.

Next to the island of Madeira, we also visit the nearby islands of Porto Santo and Islas Desertas.

There is plenty of time to visit the islands.
Definitely bring your hiking shoes!

What to do?

Stunning nature and flowers.
Dolphins and whales
Cozy harbours and towns


Our Customers:
Nature lovers with desire for adventure
People who seek a good mix of boating and island-hopping


Madeira and the adjacent islands have a very mild climate with in spring temperatures around 20 - 22 degrees Celsius.Madeira is located about 500 km north of the Canary Islands.


Planning & Prices:
April 2020.
Prices start at 745 €/pp
Discounts apply

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Sailing Holiday Madeira
The Island of Eternal Spring


Swimming and Snorkeling

Dolphins Algarve.jpg


portugese food.jpg

Local Fresh Food

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Local Bars and Drinks

  • De Zeilvakanties worden bijna wekelijks georganiseerd van medio juli tot einde september

  • Het vaargebied is afwisselend en windzeker

  • Je vaart op een 14 meter zeiljacht met 4 cabines, type Sun Odyssey 45.1, met volledige uitrusting

  • Je skipper is een professionele Yachtmaster Instructor

  • Inschepen is in de haven van Portimāo in de Algarve, Portugal.

  • Reizen is voornamelijk via de luchthaven van Faro.

  • Je kan deelnemen als single (zonder meerkost), als koppel of als groep/familie het schip afhuren

  • Prijzen vanaf 145 €/dag/pp voor individuele deelname.

  • Prijzen full charter op aanvraag in functie van de wensen

  • Inscheping is steeds zondag namiddag vanaf 12 h. Ontschepen is de vrijdag namiddag vanaf 15:00 h

  • Graag eventuele wensen zoals specifiek dieet of intolleranties melden

Aanvraag Zeilvakanties
  • Planning:
    -Travel Code 2002: from Saturday 11 to Saturday April 18.
    -Travel Code 2003: from Sunday 19 to Sunday April 26.

  • Price: 745 €/pp. Discounts for groups and couples apply. Maximum number of participants: 5

  • You fly to the capital Funchal which is also our start and arrival marina

  • Sailing experience is not necessary. Being in good health conditions and to be fit is a requirement.

  • Also suitable for families with (young) children

  • You sail on a 14-metre sailing yacht with 4 cabins, type Sun Odyssey  45.1, with full equipment.

  • We spend every night in a marina.

  • Your skipper  is a professional and female Yachtmaster  Instructor.

  • If you have any additional questions or wishes, you can mention this on the application form.

After reception of your inquiry, we will send you all the information regarding availability and prices

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Thxs for Your enquiry

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