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Family Sailing 


How lovely would it be to enjoy your sailing holiday in a safe way with the entire Family? And involve  all members of the family during sailing, the boat handling and the live on board.

We have developed an interesting and fun program to coach and train the entire family during a regular sailing holiday on board of our yacht in the Algarve, Portugal.

At the end of the week, you will have experienced this as a relaxing sailing holiday, not as a training as such.

We will demonstrate how you can involve the children during all activities in a fun and safe way.

We will show how parents may switch roles to make it enjoyable for everybody

At the end of the week, the entire family will have become more confident and relaxed with a good knowledge about strengths and limitations, how to sail in a safe way with the entire family and how to make sailing enjoyable for everybody

Less Stress - More Fun

For the Family Sailing program we developed a unique method involving all members of the family

During a normal training you have candidates skipper and crew.

During this guidance, we will involve both partners/parents in an alternating role of skipper and crew.

The children, in function of age, are assigned their own roles and are fully involved in life on board.

The sailing area and time is carefully selected according to the wishes of the family and the knowledge and interests.

Contact us now to discuss your wishes and possibilities

This family sailing program is given in the Algarve, South of Portugal

Our Enthusiastic Clients

Geert en Chantal, Belgium

3 children  (4, 11, 13j )

The oldest daughter was mad at us when we booked a sailing holiday in Norway

Now she remembers  and recalls us often about the fantastic moments the family had 

Tim en Ailsa, Germany

2 children (11, 14j)

Véronique was an amazing and patient teacher.

Truely a trip of a life time. We will be Back!

John en Anna (Australia)

3 children (5, 8 en 11j)

Our children were never bored during the trip

It was amazing

Do you also want enjoy a truly amazing sailing holiday with your Family?
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