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Adventure Sailing & Sailing Holidays Spring 2021

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Join us now during our sailing adventures on the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal, Madeira and the Azores


First Leg: Ocean Passage to Madeira

Our First leg starts in Lisbon where we sail to Funchal on the Island of Madeira, also called the island of eternal spring.
(Sorry Too Late: already fully booked)

Sailing Holiday - Madeira


Enjoy a relaxing sailing holiday during our 2 week stay on the Islands of Madeira, and the adjacent islands of Porto Santo and Islas Desertas
To be booked on a weekly basis.

Second Leg: Ocean passage to the Azores


Do you want to participate a exciting ocean passage from Madeira to the Azores?
Do you want to visit Madeira and the Azorean island of San Miguel?
Do you want to make a passage accompagnied by whales and dolphins?
Can you make yourself available for about 10 days?
Now this is the moment of your life!
Only 2 places left.

Adventure Sailing Holiday Azores


The Azores are a group of 9 vulcanic islands and the most Western Part of Portugal.
They are one of the most unspoiled islands in the world with overwhelming nature and spectacular sealife.
Vulcanic lakes, caves, stunning waterfalls and mountains, hot bathing springs
On the 9 islands, you will experiences all shades of green and blue off the world.


These adventure sailing holidays are a mix of distance sailing, island hopping and hiking

Once you have visited the Azores, you will be back! 

Ocean Passage: Azores to Lisbon

Mid June, we leave from the Azorean Island of San Miguel and set sail to Lisbon.
Ideal for those who want to make a long ocean passage or for candidate yachtmasters who need to make miles building.

The Sailing Yacht


You sail on a Sun Odyssey 45.1 with 4 cabins,  with all comfort and safety equipment.
Your skipper en professional RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.
More info about the skipper here


Program Details

Hereunder the program with the dates and price indications 
On the booking agenda below, you can download pdf files with more information

Do you have additional questions? Just send us a mail or a request to plan a call.

Aanvraag Ervaringstochten

Discover here why these holidays are a must to tick-off on your bucket list

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Info Madeira


Madeira:The island of Eternal Spring

In Madeira you not only have an abundance of flowers and plants, you can experience almost 4 seasons in one day, depending on where you are on the island.
It makes it all fascinating.

Our home port for this trip is Funchal.
Here you have a nice colonial atmosphere, beautiful boulevards, nice restaurants, bars and covered markets with an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

From here, you'll discover the island best with a rental car where after each turn you will always fall from one surprise to the other.
Definitely not to be missed: The Monte  Palace Tropical Gardens

You should definitely not miss a walk along the spectacular rock formations along the north side of the island.

The nearby island of Porto Santo is flatter and has beautiful sandy beaches. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Islas Desertas is a pure vulcanic Island with steep rocks. You can only go ashore by dinghy after we have dropped the anchor

Hereunder a pdf with a lot of touristic information

Porto Santo

The little gem next to Madeira

Porto Santo is a small island on a few hours sailing from Madeira.
This island of unspoiled nature is the ideal place to swim and snorkel because of its warm water and fantastic beautiful sandy beaches.


In the capital Vila Baleira  you have the house of Christophel Columbus which was now transformed into a museum.


At the highest point, the Ana Ferreira  Mountain You have a fantastic view over the ocean from the  Pedreira  View location

Info Azoren


The Azores are a collection of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

They consist of the Eastern, the central and the Western Islands

Departure and arrival is on the island of São Miguel with his airport and also the Marina Ponta  Delgada

The islands are all different with their own splendor and natural beauty

Often, the Azores are called the green fairy Tale Islands. You will never see so many shades of green in your life.

The Azores are characterised by their mild climate throughout the year. Clouds and rain are a possibility any time of the year,  The average air temperature ranges between 13.6°C (minimum) and 22°C (maximum) throughout the whole year.


The ideal way to discover the Azores is by boat. Connections by plane are limited. The main airport is in Ponta Delgada on the Island of San Miguel.

Mass-tourism is not present yet on the islands which still remain very unspoiled. Marina facilities are good.

The islands are divided into 3 groups: The islands in the East with San Miguel and Santa Maria, the central islands with Terceira, San Jorge, Pico and Faial. The islands in the west are Flores and Corvo.

Do you want a mixture of sailing and hiking surrounded by overwhelming nature: these are the places to be.

Program Azores

You will stay aboard a spacious sailing yacht type Sun Odyssey 45 with 4 cabins and with maximum 5 participants.


Sailing to the islands is alternated with at least one day per island free to explore.

During the 9 day trip, we sail from Ponta Delgada to the islands of Terceira, Ilha Pico, Ilha de Sao Jorge and Ilha Faial with the world famous Horta: The stopover for all the yachts that crossed the ocean from America.

If we have time, we also visit Ilha Graciosa.

During the journey of 12 days, we also visit the Western Island: Ilha Flores which is the most beautiful island of the Azores. On Flores you have gathered all the natural beauty that you will find on the other islands as well.

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