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Our Mission

More Fun Less Trouble

Our mission is to guide you as a skipper, crew or family so you can enjoy your sport and leisure with more confidence, in a safe and optimal way


The training and courses are mainly given by Véronique Claus and also by carefully selected professional instructors.
Véronique is also your skipper during passages and sailing holidays


Véronique is a professional RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and holds also a Master 200 Gt.
The highest level in the world for training Yacht Skippers for pleasure boating.

In addition, she has a lot of experience in making long trips. She is also a "Cape Horn" Girl.


In recent years Véronique has built up an important reputation for her professionalism and passionate approach.

​If you are looking for a training or coaching where you want to get results quickly and effectively, you have come to the right place.

Sail Training

Training from the general boating license and ICC to the preparation of the certification of Yachtman or Yachtmaster

Practice for ships from 10 up to 25 meters.
Both on your own (charter) ship or on our ships

We have a sailing yacht type Sun Odyssey 45.1 with 4 cabins and a motor yacht Type Grand Banks 42 Classic on which we give the theory lessons and practice for the boating certification and all other practice for motor yachts
Practice sailing on our sailing yacht is given from our base in Portugal (Algarve)

Great Skip

Trevor, Australia

Véronique has so much Patience

Annemie, België

She was able to create a  ZEN ship

Dave, België

When Véronique is demonstrating a manoeuvre, all looks so very Easy.

François - France

Promising a quick crossing of Biskay and delivering a heavy weather course and a wonderful trip to many, many Spanish Rias, highlights a master's master instructor qualities. 
Did I highlight the Michelin quality hospitality? Véronique: Beyond Excellence

Gerard de Rooij - Nederland

Instructor of Instructors 
and  Professionals

A lot of professional sailors and instructors who are now teaching at sailing schools have received our training.

We also have several customers who are now professionally active in the Super Yacht Business. 

Companies active in the development and construction of wind farms in the North Sea are also regularly gaining advice with us in the training and supervision of professional crew members.

maltese falcon.jpg


An excellent instructor has not only followed the right training and obtained the relevant certificates.
Experience and practice ultimately make the difference.

On top of that, a good trainer loves to work with people, has patience and is able to lift someones experience to a much higher level than average.

Unlike part time instructors, Véronique is a Full-time Professional instructor, delivery skipper and coach.

In addition to the many annual miles in complex sailing areas, Véronique was able to check out the top of her bucket-List after completing the crossing of Cape Horn, Argentina/Chile at Christmas 2016.

In addition, she has sailed the Atlantic Coast (France, Spain, Portugal), The Atlantic Ocean (Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores), the canal, the English and Scottish coasts and the Scandinavian countries ( Norway, Denmark)

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Watch the Video Rounding Cape Hoorn where Véronique was on board as crew/navigator